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    A Houston graphic designer


    Kent B. Ohler is a Houston-based graphic designer and art director with many years of corporate and agency experience in print, web and integrated marketing design disciplines.
    This thing was constructed on January 19, 2009, and it was categorized as Graphic Works.
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    PHTS Front Cover (Detail)

    During October of 2008, I was privelaged to have the opportunity to design and typeset this book for my good friends in the Hassenbusch family. Physician, Heal Thyself was written by Dr. Samuel J. Hassenbusch III and is intended to be a guide book for the newly-diagnosed cancer patient — as written from the perspective of someone who is both patient and physician. Though Dr. Hassenbush passed on before the book ever made it to print, I like to think he’d be very proud of the hard work his son Jason put into publishing it and that he might be pleased with overall look of the finished work.

    I designed the cover jacket, layout, typography and visual themes throughout the book. The photography for the front and back of the cover jacket was done by Alexander Kliafas of Houston, Texas, and the wood in the photograps was hand-stained by Jason Hassenbusch.

    Cover Jacket (layout):

    PHTS Cover Jacket
    (click for larger view)

    The chapter starts for Chapters 2-13 feature Dr. Hassenbusch’s actual MRI scans, placed in order chronologically from chapter to chapter.

    Chapter Start (Chapter 2):

    Physician, Heal Thyself Chapter Start

    In late December, the finished books arrived. The printer (Bang Printing of Brainerd, MN) did a fantastic job and the final piece looked even better than I had imagined it. As soon as I have it photographed I will update this post with pictures.

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