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    A Houston graphic designer


    Kent B. Ohler is a Houston-based graphic designer and art director with many years of corporate and agency experience in print, web and integrated marketing design disciplines.
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    This is a collection of the music I’ve made. Some songs were created entirely by me and others (as noted) were created with friends. They are listed in no particular order. I’ll update this page whenever new songs of interest are created.

    The Warm Quarter
    Description: Screaming, bass drops, face-blistering beats and a nice soft piano melody.
    Download MP3

    Under A Lot of Blue
    Description: Features the voice of Harriet Bellamy an my own maniacal laughter.
    Download MP3

    Should Have Said It
    Description: Demo song for the ReCombination ReFill by Nucleus Soundlabs.
    Download MP3

    Description: Song for a Flash intro page.
    Download MP3

    Davie Lost His Shoe
    Description: Downtempo footwear. Created with Ed Scheletskey.
    Download MP3

    Three In The Room (Featuring Sinacism)
    Description: A booty call from your underwear drawer. Created with Ed Scheletskey and Joshua Browder
    Download MP3

    Mister Friendly
    Description: Short track for a Public Service Announcement.
    Download MP3

    Knuckles Go Numb Sometimes
    Description: A free psychotherapy session.
    Download MP3

    Funnel Cloud
    Description: Short (unused) track for a PSA.
    Download MP3

    Description: Demo track for the ReasonFreaks RF-01 ReFill.
    Download MP3

    Donkey Mechanic
    Description: Made with elbow grease. Created with Ed Scheletskey.
    Download MP3

    Chuck Dirt
    Description: Not quite done yet.
    Download MP3

    Chewing On Gravel
    Description: ReBirth-driven jawbreaker. You’ll love that bass-filled crunch!
    Download MP3

    CG and the Big Round Eyes
    Description: You are discarded!
    Download MP3

    A Stroll Across The Sun
    Description: Pianos and robot love.
    Download MP3

    Download, listen and enjoy!

    I also made some of the background music (hastily) for this 48 Hour Film Project:

    And here is my song The Warm Quarter featured in a promo for Club Crashers created by Clay Moorhead:

    This thing was constructed by .

    You can follow comments through the RSS 2.0 feed. Comments are closed, but you can trackback.

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